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EMBA Academic Requirements

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
School of Management
EMBA Academic Requirements

  • The maximum study period for an EMBA student is 4 years. Based on the NTUST Study Regulations, an EMBA student who cannot complete the required courses or finish a thesis within the study period, is permitted to apply for an extension of study. Two (2) years is granted as the extension.
  • The minimum required credit is 36 units. An EMBA student is granted the degree only after successfully defending a Master thesis.
  • Courses in the EMBA program are classified as follows:
    • rerequisite Courses: Economics (2 credit units), Accounting (2 credit units), and Statistics (2 credit units). If an EMBA student was able to take those courses or the related courses before; he/she can apply for course exemption. Otherwise, these prerequisite courses must be taken and completed. The credits for the prerequisite courses are not included or counted in the minimum required 36 units of the EMBA program.
    • asic Courses: Production and Operations Management (3 credit units), Marketing Management (3 credit units), Organization and Management (3 credit units), Management Information System (3 credit units), Financial Management (3 credit units).The EMBA student must complete at least 2 of the above courses.
    • Case Discussion Courses: An EMBA student who enrolled in and after the academic year, 97 or 2008, has to take at least one Case Discussion course which is approved by the EMBA office.
    • Core Courses: Core Courses for each EMBA program is determined by individual institute in the School of Management.
    • Elective Course: All courses in the EMBA program in the School of Management can be regarded as elective courses. The student can also take the Regular Graduate courses (presented in Figure 1) as elective courses.
  • An EMBA student who takes Overseas Business Studies shall get a maximum credit of four units for the course.
  • EMBA students want to waive credits should follow “EMBA students credit waiving regulations”
  • After enrollment, the EMBA student should select one faculty member as his/her thesis advisor. If there are two or more faculty members serving as thesis advisors, at least one of them must be a full-time faculty member of the School of Management.
  • The thesis advisor is responsible for guiding the EMBA student on course selection, research schedule, and thesis plan. The department chairman will take these responsibilities if the student has not yet selected a thesis advisor.
  • If an EMBA student wants to change his/her thesis advisor, he/she must get the approval from both the original advisor and the new advisor. This should be reported to the department office at the soonest time possible.
  • An EMBA student who has completed a thesis draft duly approved by his/her advisor is allowed to apply for an extension of thesis defense date.
  • The degree examinations are held during the beginning of October and the end of January in the first semester, and the beginning of April and the end of July in the second semester.
  • After passing the Master thesis defense, the EMBA student shall be granted the degree certificate by the Examination Committee of NTUST. If the student fails the thesis defense, he/she can re-apply for it in the next semester.
  • Any regulations not mentioned in this student handbook shall be dealt in accordance with the NTUST Study Regulations and other related policies.
  • The regulation should take effect upon approval by School of Management meeting. The same procedure will be repeated for each revision.